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Where’s the Outrage? 9/9/06

This is the rough cut.  Great show.  Robin Cape Asheville City councilwomen discusses some of her green initiatives.  How about plug-in electric buses?  Or that save us money?  It sure would improve the air.  I also had Mike Hopping from Common Sense at the Nuclear Crossroads on the show.  We discussed the shipping of nuclear material across the country.  So material may pass thru Asheville!

Bush has a brand new series of speeches that sound remarkably like his old speeches.  We are winning.  We are fighting.  Finally, I have to jump on the Path to 9-11 bandwagon.  Why air a show about one of the most sensitive issues in America today and not try to get the facts correct?  Profit? (I decided not to watch it.  I had recorded Spike Lee’s When the Leeves Broke so I watched it instead.  What a powerful documentary!!)

I’m on iTunes!!

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