Tuesday Morning News Roundup

I’m traveling for the next couple days and I’m not sure what kind of Internet connection I’ll have.

By the way, the changes to my website that I promised a couple of months ago should be happening now. Hopefully the process should be relatively seamless.

A new national database of cell phone numbers should significantly decrease the the selling or, better stated, reselling of stolen cell phones.

Minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting back in January of 2007 have just been released. Remember, this was right at the cusp of our financial meltdown. If anyone in the country should’ve known where the economy was going and what needed to be done, it was the people in this meeting. The transcript is over 500 pages. It is highly redacted. Let me know what you think.

I continue to be flabbergasted by the Secret Service scandal. Hookers? Really?

Continued drone strikes in Yemen.

The girl in the Pulitzer-prize winning photo continues to be haunted by nightmares.

Let me reiterate, the devastating storms from a couple days ago could’ve been much, much worse. The early warning detection systems that we, the American people, have invested in actually worked. These detection systems were able to give weatherman increased information and they in turn passed that on to the American people. More people had more time.

Trial in the Netherlands.

Where do our tax dollars go?