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Students Say "I Could Be McCain's Economics 101 Teacher!"

Here’s something compelling from the Princeton Student Body.

5424 Frist Campus Center
Princeton, NJ 08544

“I Could Be McCain’s Econ 101 Teacher” Public Performance at Princeton University to Begin Wednesday

Students at Princeton University are starting a daily public performance called “I Could Be McCain’s Econ 101 Teacher” outside of Frist Campus Center beginning this Wednesday (10/1) from 12:30 PM until 2 PM. The performance will continue for at least three days. This project questions Sen. John McCain’s knowledge and preparedness concerning the economy, especially in these difficult economic times. Students take turns teaching economics to their fellow classmates playing McCain.

This comedic performance also has a very serious and frightening message – the next president of the United States likely knows less about the economy than undergraduates who have taken basic economics at a time when America is facing its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. This is not the time to have a president who could benefit from having students teach him Econ 101!

Students teaching economics wear t-shirts with the name of their campaign, “I could be McCain’s Econ 101 Teacher” on the front and McCain’s infamous quote from December 2007, “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should” on the back. The student playing McCain wears a different t-shirt with that quote on the front and McCain’s name and his abysmal class rank at Annapolis – 894 out of 898 – on the back. (more…)

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Jefferson has committee assignment taken away

Representative Jefferson (D-La) is a world of trouble. The Democratic Caucus has voted to remove Representative Jefferson from the Ways and Means committee. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has called for Jefferson to step aside for several weeks now.  He has refused.  There have been intensive behind-the-scenes negotiations but Jefferson seems determined to stay.

The wrench in the works has been the posture of the Congressional Black Caucus.  For the most part, they have supported Representative Jefferson.  They’ve stated that he is being singled out and being given unfair treatment.

While the Congressional Black Caucus may have a point, as they say in show business, timing is everything.  If the Democrats want to ever be a relevant force in national politics they must take a stand on ethics.  The Republicans have refused to take any type of stand on ethics.  The Democrats must show that they are different and that they are sincere.

Congressman Jefferson may be innocent.  The allegations seem to be damning.  In this political atmosphere, any nationally elected Democratic leader who is under a federal indictment, simply must step down.  If the person in his Black, White, Brown or polka dotted — that person must step down until after he or she is completely exonerated of any wrongdoing.

The Congressional Black Caucus is fighting the right battle but unfortunately this is the wrong time.  they need to quietly stepped back and let this opera play out.  Of course, Black constituents will be asking representatives of the Congressional Black Caucus, did you do everything that you could?  In my opinion, the right thing, the ethical thing, is to ask Congressman Jefferson to step aside.

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