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My Samsung TV update

For those of you who don’t know, my TV is broken. I wrote about it a little while back. Now, there was nothing that I did to break my TV. I simply watched it. It was on a surge protector. Fewer than 10 months into its life, it crapped out. I wasn’t worried because I had double protection. I had the manufacturer’s warranty and I bought an extended warranty from HH Gregg. Cool. I’m covered.

The problem is the enormous amount of patience necessary to get this thing done. Companies don’t want to honor their promises or commitments. They want us to buy more stuff. If you give up and buy something new, big business wins. It has been over six weeks. I haven’t given in yet.

I got the following e-mail from Samsung a couple of days ago –

Transaction No. xxx

Thank you for being a valued Samsung customer. You were submitted for an exchange on 11/01/2012 for model: xxxx, serial number zzzz. Currently Samsung would like to provide you with an exchange offer of the xxxy $ 0.00 Based on the features and specifications of your original unit Samsung feels that this is the most comparable unit based on our inventory. If you would like to review the features and specifications for this model you can do so at

Here’s the good part – whom do you call to say okay? It wasn’t clear from the e-mail. So, I replied to the e-mail and of course, I have gotten no response so far. I contacted their online chat and they were no help. So, the drama continues.

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McCain – Employee Free Choice Act "bad" for America

One of my readers is a Republican who continually needles me on Obama and the Democrats. Now the Dems aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. I’m not perfect and I will post an erroneous something or other from time to time, too. I try not to jump on too many bandwagons.

Today, the question is where did John McCain state that he was anti-union?. The Employee Free Choice Act is something that the unions have been pushing for years. It would hamper Big Business’ ability to bust unions before they can form. McCain is against this bill.

From TP:

But this is — we’ve been talking about it for a long time — this is a threat to the fundamental of labor-management relations. It’s fundamental to democracy, the right to have a secret ballot.

The way that Senator Obama envisions — and the unions, and this is their big push, they’ve gotten commitments from Senator Obama and Senator Biden — union organizer goes to your house and says, Hey, Joe, can I sign you up for the union?

That is — we all know what that opens the door to. It’s dangerous for America, it’s dangerous to small business. And I think it’s a threat to one of the fundamentals of democracy.
McCain added that he would veto the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) in a “New York minute.”

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