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Obama at Morehouse

I know that some conservatives were licking their lips and drooling at the prospect of Barack Obama speaking at Morehouse College. I know that there were several commentators who spent a ridiculous amount of time going on about how Barack Obama would not have delivered the same speech at Harvard as he did at Morehouse. I find it relatively ridiculous that one would expect the President of the United States to deliver the exact same speech at Harvard that he would at a historically black college like Morehouse. This was another great speech by Barack Obama. He was funny, he was serious, he was inspiring and he delivered a message to a group of black men that he couldn’t and shouldn’t deliver at Harvard, Yale or almost any other college in the United States. He tailored his speech to his audience. This is exactly what you’re supposed to do if you are a good public speaker.

Excerpts from President Barack Obama’s Morehouse commencement address:

It was that mission — not just to educate men, but to cultivate good men, strong men, upright men — that brought community leaders together just two years after the end of the Civil War. They assembled a list of 37 men, free blacks and freed slaves, who would make up the first prospective class of what later became Morehouse College. Most of those first students had a desire to become teachers and preachers — to better themselves so they could help others do the same. (more…)

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Former President Bush Opens His Library

I will refrain from the jokes because there are plenty. Today President Bush opened his library. (BTW, why did he think that the word awesome needed to be used 100 times?)

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George W. Bush can believe that he stood for Freedom. That’s fine. I will say that I’m glad that his father was able to be there. That had to be a very special moment.

That’s it. That’s all that I’m gong to say about George W. Bush and his library today. (more…)

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I understand how difficult it is to try to figure out fact from fiction in our world of political hyperbole. Almost nobody plays it straight anymore. Almost everybody is trying to twist the facts to their own advantage. Then, in order to get the “appropriate” media exposure you really need to say something outrageous. Michele Bachmann is/was the queen of outrageous. She has made a career out of saying the most outlandish and fact-challenging statements and has lived in the land of confusion and lies for most of her political career. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are just a few of the politicians/commentators who stretch the truth so far that it is unrecognizable. So, multiple websites have cropped up whose sole purpose is to correct the facts. PolitiFact is one such website. In order to get publicity and drive traffic to their website, they’ve come up with the “Lie of the Year.” This year, they’ve decided that the lie of the year was that Paul Ryan’s budget plan was going to end Medicare.

As I see it, Medicare is about seniors getting healthcare. Basically, once you become a senior you qualify for Medicare and you can therefore get healthcare. It is that simple. This plan, under Paul Ryan, would have been changed to a voucher system in which seniors would be given vouchers to use to pay for their healthcare. Once they spent a voucher, seniors were out of luck. To me, this is a fundamental change in Medicare and how the system works. Now, no longer would seniors have the security of knowing that all of their bills would be paid. In my mind, this would be fundamentally changing Medicare so that it looks nothing like the Medicare that we know today. You can call it Obama Care. You can call it an elephant or you can call it Medicare but it is not the Medicare that we know today. For some reason, PolitiFact misses this fundamental distinction. Paul Krugman and Steve Benen have more.

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