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Tintin – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom

I had never heard of Tintin, a comic book which is extremely popular in Europe. Basically, the tale surrounds Tintin, a newspaperman who seems to have unlimited resources. He sees mystery and adventure everywhere. He is accompanied by his dog, Snowy, who seems to be more insightful than any human in the movie. There is a drunken sea captain and a suave but evil villain. The comic relief is provided by two characters named Thompson that reminded me of Laurel and Hardy.

The plot is enjoyable if not somewhat over-the-top. What makes this film so enjoyable is the outstanding animation. This may be the first time that I truly enjoyed 3-D. 3-D was not used as a gimmick, but was instead used to enhance outstanding action. If you remember Raiders of the Lost Ark – Temple of Doom, there were several scenes where the action was… let’s just say, a little intense. There was the roller coaster scene and there was the poison bottle scene. Tintin has several scenes which suffer from this hyper-action, but somehow it seems to work in this movie where it failed in Temple of Doom. There is a scene where Tintin and drunky Captain are trying to get several pieces of paper which have a secret code inscribed on them away from a beautifully drawn hawk. There are zip lines. There are tanks running through buildings. There is water rushing down a canal. There are good guys chasing bad guys and bad guys also trying to get the pieces of paper from the flying hawk. Somehow, this chaotic scene is all tied together. I enjoyed this movie immensely. This movie is clearly worth the price of admission plus popcorn and a drink. I grade this movie an A-. Have fun.

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Another disappointment – Green Lantern

My seven-year-old grandson is in town and I therefore have an excuse to see lots of movies. If you’re familiar with the comic book, the Green Lantern is a fabulous story. Basically, the ring chooses this guy because this guy has incredible courage in the face of danger. He uses the ring to fight evil. Nice basic premise. Hollywood seems to have a problem turning a simple basic premise into a movie. They feel they need to go into long, elaborate explanations. The movie spends way too much time telling us how our hero got the ring and then there’s the bizarre sequence as our hero is sent to the home base, an alien planet, where he meets his fellow Green Lanterns. The sequence really reminded me of the movie Star Trek (the first one which came out in the late 1970s), where it seems like half the movie focused on special effects.

The rest of the movie is pretty formulaic. The bad guy isn’t really all that bad. The good guy wins the beautiful and talented girlfriend. The movie also sets us up for a sequel. The Green Lantern is better than Thor but not as good as Kung Fu Panda 2 (which is by far the best movie that I have seen this summer).

So far, I’m kind of disappointed in the summer movies.

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Grab Bag — Early Friday Morning (Post-Healthcare Summit)

  • I have been working on my recent comments for over two weeks to get it to work. I think that it is finally working. Maybe.
  • I’m not sure why, but in spite of all the evidence I expected a small agreement on health insurance reform. Silly me.
  • I do think something was accomplished at the Summit yesterday. First, there’s no politician in America who can say that Americans are not completely and totally interested in healthcare reform. 3.9 million Americans watched the White House webcast. Secondly, Republicans never proposed any significant ideas.
  • Republicans have given Democrats the green light to scrap bipartisanship. Do the Democrats have the stomach to lead?
  • I was very surprised that Republican representative John Boehner was able to stay for the whole meeting. I think he missed a tanning appointment.
  • It may be time for Representative Charlie Rangel to step down from his chairmanship until this investigation is complete.
  • South Dakota legislators have passed a law urging public schools to teach astrological explanations for global warming. Seriously.
  • Just in case you forgot the Winter Olympics are still going on. This is probably the largest collection of sports that I never really cared about.
  • There’s a new Michele Bachmann comic book. It’s clearly worth a look.
  • CIA asked to use mock burials. DOJ said No. Mock burials? Really?
  • My favorite financial tool (dripping with sarcasm) credit default swaps may have played a role in the Greek financial crisis. The Fed is looking into the situation. My mind has now been put at ease. It is time to kill CDS!!!
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