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Happy Mother’s Day!

thanks mom

thanks, mom

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hey, I have a great idea for Mother’s Day. Can we stop rape and sexual harassment? Wouldn’t that be a GREAT Mother’s Day present to all of the mothers out there?

From Nicholas Kristof:

(After a rape…) Her family rushed her to the hospital, where she endured hours of humiliating scrutiny as nurses collected a rape kit: DNA, hairs, fibers, anything that could be found on her body. The police took a statement from Natasha and picked up the rape kit from the hospital.

Then they did nothing. For years.

That was 1991. The Police Department here in Robbins, a struggling, low-income suburb of 5,000 people just south of Chicago, allowed rape kits to sit untested on the shelves. Officers don’t seem to have seriously investigated the assault, and the rapist got away with his crime — even as Natasha was tormented by it.

This is a crime that on top of a crime. How can you not even investigate this rape? I really and truly don’t understand. The folks in the Police Department in Robbins should be horse whipped. There is no excuse.

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Robin Williams on Obama and Bush (Update)

I posted this several years ago. I updated it today.

robin williams

The greatness of Robin Williams should not be understated. Back when cable was new, a friend and I, being in college, were slightly inebriated and we watched Robin Williams’ HBO special, Comedy Faster Than the Speed of Thought. We almost blew out double hernias laughing so hard. It was painful. Unlike some other comedians, Robin Williams has never lost the ability to do standup. He has this stream of consciousness that is simply amazing to watch. Here he is on some show that I’ve never heard of, introduced by one of my favorite comedic actors John Cleese of Monty Python fame.

One of the great lines from this stand up is, “Where did they get Sarah Palin? Did Ronald Reagan and Posh Spice have a child?”

Update: Robin Williams died today. I have had a special relationship with Robin Williams since the early 1980s. There was no one who was funnier. I loved his movies. I loved his spirit. I’ll miss him.

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TCR – Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Only Stephen Colbert could take on the terrible policy of don’t ask, don’t tell while in Iraq performing for the troops. He remains one of the most cutting-edge comedians in the US today.

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Formidable Opponent – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
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