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Ray Nagin urging the government to "come correct"

From NYT: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Thursday urged the Bush administration to speed aid to Hurricane Katrina victims, suggesting the government was not meeting its legal obligations to help the city recover. At a news briefing, Nagin bemoaned the procedures to get money for housing and to rebuild roads and power systems. ”A bureaucratic maze,” he branded them. While Congress last year appropriated billions of dollars for Katrina relief, the city has seen a tiny fraction of that amount. more ——————— My heart goes out to those in New Orleans.  They still need a ton of help.

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Rice and the Bush administration come out swinging

Now we get to play the old familiar game he should she said.  President Clinton said on Fox News Sunday that the Bush administration was given a comprehensive anti-terror plan.  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice fired back in an interview with the New York Post.  She states that the Bush administration was not given a plan.  So what are we to believe?  On one hand we have President Clinton who is trying to set the record straight and trying to clear his name.  On the other hand, we have the Bush administration which has only one in a row in its

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