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Cowboys come from behind to win

I’ll have more on the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Detroit Lions. I was on call yesterday so I didn’t get to see the game until late last night. What happened to the “improving” Dallas Cowboys defense?

Update: The Lions spanked the Dallas Cowboys defense. They racked up almost 400 yards of total offense. The running backs combined for about 150 yards on the ground. They gave up no sacks, no turnovers and no interceptions. So, how did they lose? I’m sure that the question that John Kitna and the gang are asking right now.

The key to winning in the National Football League is execution. The Lions offense executed for 3 quarters. This is great except the game lasts for 4 quarters.

Game Balls: Detroit Lions offensive line. They allow John Kitna to get the ball down field. This is an offensive line that has been terrible all year. They finally pulled together to turn in a great performance. Marion Barber again turned in huge performance. 3 touchdowns. Finally, my last game ball will go to Terrell Owens. No seriously. Yes, I know he had only 3 catches but he didn’t whine or pout. His constant double teams allowed Jason Whitten to run free for 15 catches.

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Red Sox complete the come back

Jake Westbrook maybe made out to be the goat in this game but he shouldn’t be.  He was shaky in the first 3 innings.  He gave up a run in each of those innings but the Cleveland Indians still had a chance.  Westbrook settled in.  He pitched 3 scoreless innings and gave his club a chance to get back into the game.  Daisuke Matsuzaka wasn’t as solid.  He got out of the first 3 innings but was tagged for a run in the 4th and again in the 5th.  He was taken out in the fifth.

Cleveland had a chance to tie the game at 3 – 3.  The folks at Fenway were biting their nails.  It just seemed that the ball was simply bouncing the right way for the Red Sox tonight.  It started with Manny’s grounder to the shortstop which should have been a route double play but the ball took a weird high hop.  It hopped over the shortstop’s head which allowed a runner to score.  How else would you explain the 3rd base coach not allowing Kenny Loftin, still very fast, to hold up on first.  Next batter grounds into a double play.

You can read more here and here.

So, it will be Boston and Colorado.  This is going to be fun.

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