Cowboys – Giants combine for 80 points

The Cowboys have had some problems covering the deep bomb over the last couple years. Didn’t Jerry Jones and the coaching staff notice Donavon McNabb torching the secondary last year and the year before? I guess not. Our corners are unchanged. As a matter of fact, with Newman out, Aaron Glenn would start. He is short but he can cover but we cut him.  Anthony Henry isn’t that fast but he can hit. In the secondary, we have Roy Williams who can really blow up a running back but can’t cover my grandmother. We picked up Ken Hamlin from the Seahawks in the off season and I’m not sure why.

The whistle blows.  2 plays later Eli Manning hits a wide open Plaxico Burress.  TD.  I mean wide open.  It is rare to get this wide open in the NFL.  Well, our defense still has a porous secondary. Burress ran long, he ran short. He caught ball, low and high. Caught balls on the fade route, the deep curl and the short curl. He caught the skinny post and probably several other routes that I can’t remember. He burned single coverage and double coverage. Whoever is our defensive backs coach (Todd Bowles) should be fired!!

Tony Romo was the key to the eventual Cowboy Victory. During our winning streak last year, Romo played almost flawlessly. When we lost 3 out of 5 down the stretch last year, Romo turned the ball over frequently. He had one turnover. He got the ball out of his hands quickly. Romo and Jason Whitten torched the Giant secondary. I haven’t seen the stats but Romo was close to perfect on 3rd downs. He, also, threw a blue laser on a couple of occasions, that ball was smoking. (I haven’t seen those kind of passes in a long time.)

The offensive line played almost well enough for Drew Bledsoe to come back and play. They opened holes for Jones and Barber. They gave Tony Romo some time to throw the ball.

The defensive line played okay. They didn’t stink. They stopped the run for the most part. They pressured Eli Manning but only sacked him once.

Overall, I’ll take the 45 – 35 victory. Now, if the defense can tighten up then we will have a team that has the potential to go deep into the playoffs. (Will add video soon.)