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Penn this right here

If someone in your campaign has done something terribly wrong, then you fire that person. Not kind of fire him/her. Is Mark Penn that good? Can you upset unions? Can you appear like a hypocrite since you talk about apposing the Colombian Free Trade Agreement on one hand and have a top adviser sucking up to the Colombians on the other hand?

Hillary Clinton is between a rock and a hard place. Fire Penn and retain credibility.

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Hillary's campaign continues to unravel

Before 2 or 3 weeks ago, I really tried to stay neutral. I tried to avoid criticizing Hillary Clinton because she was/is a democrat. Then the Dark Days started just before voting in Texas and Ohio. In spite of some criticism, I believe that I tried to stay positive. I would praise Hillary when I could because no matter what happens I’m voting for the Democratic nominee. I think that 99% of Democrats truly feel this way. We can’t have another 4 years of Bush-lite which is Reagan on steroids.

I believe that any objective observer would conclude that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has hit a few speed bumps in the last several weeks.

  • Mark Penn, chief strategist for Hillary Clinton, has been found chatting with the Colombians. It turns out that he is on their payroll which is fine. He is a political animal. He offers advice to the Colombians who strongly support a trade agreement that Hillary has panned on the campaign trail.
  • Mark Penn resigns from Hillary’s campaign, sort of.
  • Continuing on my Hillary Clinton theme, remember that her tax returns were revealed Thursday or Friday of last week. Guess who her returns were first leaked to? Drudge!!! Talking about sleeping with the devil. Drudge was the first one to leak the Bill and Monica story. He leaked that the Prince was in Afghanistan. Why would you feed a story to a blog that tried to destroy your husband? Maybe it is the same reason that you would lie about sniper fire.
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