The Errington Thompson 3-28-09

Hey, Aaron has his computer back and running. We are happy for him.

  • Regulators thought that it would be safe for coal companies to dump slurry into mines. So who was surprised that this really wasn’t good for anyone? The stuff leaked into the water supply. There was an increase in renal failure and cancers in the area.Who’s surprised?  How often do we need to do this to learn from this stuff?
  • GAO found that labor Department was not enforcing Labor laws. No duh. Government workers posing as low wage workers called the Labor Department.
  • Senator Byron Dorgan spoke out against the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act from back in 1999.
  • What do former Governor Elliot Spitzer and baseball great A-rod have in common?  They both used the same escort service!!! Sweet.
  • Amanda Terkel, from Think Progress, gets stalked by an O’Reilly producer. Think Progress and progressives fight back.
  • Stephen Colbert wins a on-line contest to name the next NASA space station.

Rick Newman, the business editor of US News and World Report, is back on the show.  GM gets a quality award.  AIG CEO went to Congress to get his tongue-lashing.  Rick does a great job at explaining what’s going on.  Again, I appreciate his time and his knowledge.