Black Coaches still a big deal

One day, in the future, race won’t matter. Unfortunately, that day is not here today. Race still does matter. Why? The evidence is all around us that race continues to matter. Not too long ago, when Desperate Housewives was new and hot, Terrell Owens does a commercial before Monday Night Football. You remember the commercial. One of the stars of the sitcom (Nicolette Sheridan) asked Owens if he could be late for the game. Then with her back to the camera she drops her towel. (See video below) Immediately. Bam!! Immediately, there was an uproar. ABC who produced the skit for Monday Night Football had to apologize. Terrell Owens, who like many football players is looking for endorsements, had to apologize to try to keep his marginal marketability.

Question — if the same commercial was done with the White athlete would there have been an uproar? Yes, the promo was racy. But it was not obscene. Personally, I do not know the answer to this but I suspect the answer is no that would not have been an uproar. As I tried to consider which White athletes would have been in the commercial, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, all of these athletes guard their image very carefully. They would have refused the commercial. But that’s not the point.