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Jerry Sandusky found guilty

In my mind, the question wasn’t whether Jerry Sandusky would be found guilty. The question was, how guilty was he? According to a jury, he was very guilty.

From WaPo:

A jury convicted Jerry Sandusky of 45 charges of child sex abuse Friday, concluding a trial in which eight men took the witness stand to declare that the former Penn State coach molested them when they were boys. (more…)

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Mavs win the West!

The Dallas Mavericks are going back to the NBA Finals. I have been waiting for this for five years. I didn’t think that Dirk Nowitzki could lead the Mavericks to the finals. In a way, I was right. Dirk had plenty of help. He has played very well, some might say great, but his teammates have also played well. Shawn Marion was outstanding today. I thought that he was done several years ago but he has stepped up his game. Jason Kidd. I knew he was done 3 -4 years ago but he has played extremely well in the playoffs. Jason Terry has continued to play like Jason Terry – up and down. I didn’t think that Rick Carlisle was that hot as a coach. I was wrong. He coached his butt off.

I do tip my hat to the Oklahoma City Thunder. They played hard. They played with energy. They played with heart. Kevin Durant needs to learn how to be a superstar. He is a great player but he has to call for the ball at the end of the game. It is a must. Everything should go through him. Durant needs to sit down and look at a Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant video. Don’t look at the dunks but study how they ran the offense late in playoff games. They didn’t always take a shot down the stretch but they did make plays so that either they themselves or one of their teammates took the shot. Durant has to learn that the ball will always be safer in his hands. He is the superstar. Harden is a beast and should be a starter. Westbrook should be traded. Too many stupid plays. One “oh, shit” erases ten “that a boy’s.”

The Dallas Mavericks seemed to have patterned themselves after the San Antonio Spurs. Let’s hope that it is a winning formula.

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Jerry Jones promises changes

After the ridiculous loss to Jacksonville, Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones said, “Let me be real clear… There’s no way the result and the way we played tonight, there is no way I can rest, sleep, eat well, with a diet of that right there. There is no way.

“If you look at what we’re about, our team, our stadium, the pride I have in this franchise, you know it doesn’t digest. It doesn’t go down. We’ve got to do something that changes this on the field.”

I think that it is nice that the owner of the Cowboys thinks that things need to change. The team is 1-6. The Buffalo Bills are the only team worse than the Cowboys and Jones thinks that something should change. Sweet. This is like General Custer announcing that being surrounded by Indians is probably bad.

The problem with the Cowboys is the owner, Jerry Jones. Jones is not the coach, but he tries to be. The players know that the buck doesn’t stop at Wade Phillips. It stops at Jerry. Hence, the problem. This is Jerry’s team. He drafted the majority of the players without the aid of Bill Parcells. It was Jones who brought in Zach Thomas. It was only after the Cowboys got gashed for two fourth quarter runs of more than 60 yards by the Ravens that Jerry understood that Zach had no more gas in the tank. So, Jerry went and got Keith Brooking. That seemed to be a great thing last year. Not so much this year. Let’s not forget the coaching round robin Dallas fans had to endure from Chan Gailey to Dave Campo. Remember the quarterbacks after Troy Aikman? Folks like Quincy Carter and Chad Henning? Didn’t we trade away Emmitt Smith so that Troy Hambrick could start? Give me a break. Who is the GM? …oh, yeah, that is Jerry Jones also.

My suggestion is either find a coach who Jerry will listen to (not going to happen) or fire Jerry Jones. So, my conclusion is that Jerry Jones is the main problem with the Cowboys.

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