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Countdown – Closing Gitmo

The Bush Administration has tried every way that it can think of to put these people in a place where they will never be seen again. The US Supreme Court has no on a number of occasions. So, the Bush Administration is trying to figure out what to do. There is the same internal battle going on. So, of the players have changed, but the battle is the same. On one side of this fight is Dick Cheney. He stands for the president’s ability to do anything that he wants at anytime. Condoleezza Rice and Secretary Gates are on the other side. They appear to believe that Gitmo is a problem and we need to fix the problem.

Keith Olbermann has a solid interview with Neal Katyal, Georgetown law professor and lawyer representing one of the detainees, Hamdan.


From NYT:

The Bush administration acknowledged Friday that its top officials were once again actively debating recommendations about how and when to close the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, but officials said they thought it could be weeks or months before a decision was made.A central recommendation, but not the only possibility, would be to move the terror suspects from Guantánamo to military prisons in the United States, the officials said.

The revival of a bitter, long-running debate behind closed doors in the Bush administration comes only a few months after the Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told President Bush that they believed that Guantánamo’s continued existence was undercutting American foreign policy efforts around the world, and would ultimately prove a stain on Mr. Bush’s legacy. (more…)

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Bush argues against Gitmo closing

An Article in today’s NYT stated that Robert Gates and Condi pointed out the problems with Gitmo while Alberto, President Bush and of course, the Vice President argued to keep Gitmo exactly with way that it is.

Center for American Progress has a way to close Gitmo and restore American creditability.

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