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Which Fitness Tracker is best?

Nice review of the confusing world of fitness trackers.

From WSJ (subscription):

$50 to $100 for the Basics
Here’s the biggest secret of buying a fitness tracker right now: You don’t need to spend more than $50 on one that does the basics, counting steps and estimating calories burned. In fact, that’s exactly what I suggest you do if you are a first-time buyer.

You won’t get a screen on many of the options in this range—or at least not a nice screen—but they all sync with your phone via Bluetooth so you can check your stats in their corresponding apps.

Both Misfit and Jawbone sell $50 plastic trackers that you can clip to your pants or wear on a wrist. After wearing them side by side for two weeks, I prefer the Jawbone Up Move. It is a bit chunkier and harder to put in its small clip than the Misfit Flash, but it consistently synced the data to my phone faster.

$100 to $150 for Better Design
If a sleeker band and a better screen are important to you, you’ll want to venture into the $100-to-$150 range, but you won’t get better data. You often get the same exact apps and features here as you get in that lower range.

Of the many I tested—including the Nike FuelBand SE, the Withings Pulse, the LG LifeBand and the Samsung Gear Fit—the one that worked best was FitBit’s new $130 Charge. (more…)

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The Errington Thompson Show 12-06-08

Since this was recorded on December 6th, I start off by going back to a clip from FDR‘s famous address to Congress about the Pearl Harbor attack. I then bring up more allegations against Halliburton and KBR. Simply put, KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) has not been doing its job to protect our troops. The conglomerate has been cutting corners and exposing our troops to rancid food (more information here and here).

You know times are bad when Harvard’s endowment loses $8 billion in a quarter. In one quarter!!

The top story of the week was job loss533, 000 jobs were lost during the month of November. We have lost 1.9 million jobs since the start of this recession (last December). That’s almost two million jobs in one year.

My guests are Rick Newman of US News and World Report and Edward E. Cornwell, MD, chairman of Howard University. Rick and I discuss the auto industry and consider why they can’t seem to get any love from Capital Hill. My great friend, Dr. Cornwell, and I get into healthcare reform. He talks about some of the studies he has done which suggest there are some signifcant healthcare disparities.

Subscribe to my podcast (see the sign-up box in the right hand column) and you are entered to win an $50 gift certificate. Everyone who subscribes will be entered to win. Each Saturday night at nine (EST) all the entries for that week will be placed into a hat and one name will be drawn at random (no family or friends can enter, of course). The contest ends on December 23rd. Everyone who signed up between December 2nd and December 23rd will be entered into a final drawing. The randomly selected contestant will win an iPod Nano!

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The Errington Thompson Show 4/07/07

I will not even mention how behind I am in my podcast posting. I’ll just say that I somehow great guests continue to come on my show. For that I’m grateful.

This week SNOW. Yep, just before Easter we have snow and plenty of it. I start off with a clip from Ed Schultz show. Russ Feingold, who was on the Ed Schultz Show, again, shows why I believe that he is the leading progressive voice in the nation. The British soldiers are released. Why? What was this all about? We discuss this with Andy Grotto from the Center for American Progress. We then take it to the next level, Bang (I have been watching the food network again), and discuss Alberto Gonzales and the US Attorney scandal with Duke Law Professor, Christopher Schroeder. These stories and more…

Remember I’m on iTunes and several other podcasting services.

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