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Clinton Takes Pennsylvania

I’m not sure why people vote the way that they do. It seems that we don’t vote based on logic, but rather most of us vote based on emotion. Senator Hillary Clinton convinced Pennsylvania voters that she is the one. I think that “Bitter-gate” did hurt Senator Barack Obama. Despite polls revealing no change and other polls showing that Obama was winning friends in the “Keystone” state, he was down by 20 percent. Then it dropped to 15 percent. With two weeks to go, he was down by 10 percent then even lower to six percent. He was stuck at six percent. He spent time talking about his comments and not giving his message. This is a problem. It’s unclear why the voters of Pennsylvania didn’t think that Bosnia was a deal breaker.

I guess my question to Clinton supporters is, how do you expect Clinton to win the nomination? Realistically, how?

Here’s Clinton’s victory speech –

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Final Thoughts From PA

  • Quinnipiac University released its latest polling numbers. Unlike many of the folks polling these days in Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac has been in the state for a long time. They know what they are doing. Senator Hillary Clinton is up by six percent. This identical to their poll from two weeks ago. Interestingly, in that poll, one-third of Clinton supporters thought that she wasn’t going to win the nomination. Now, if some of these folks don’t show up for Clinton or they switch allegiance to Senator Barack Obama, the scales might tip in Obama’s favor. Also, I have heard that over 150,000 new voters have signed up.
  • AggieDemocrat on DailyKos are asking folks to vote for Obama. Funny read.
  • Keystone Politics has two opposing articles. One states that Obama will win Pennsylvania. The other post states that Clinton will win by double-digits. Ironically, both articles are written by the same person. I think that Clinton will win, but it will be very close.
  • 2 Political Junkies have some great pictures from a Clinton rally that took place on Monday.
  • Lehigh Valley Political Blog wonders if Clinton doesn’t win the nomination then who would be the next viable woman who could run for President. I’m not sure that there are any female Senators or Congresswomen in position to run for President in 2012.
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Clinton Camp Continues Smoke and Mirrors

Don’t look at the man behind curtain. It might appear that Obama can’t win. Obama is an ‘elitist’  yet he has 1.3 million Americans donating to his campaign. Obama has won ‘meaningless’ states. Hillary Clinton has won states with electoral votes. This is the latest from the Clinton camp.

I heard all this on Lynn Samuel’s show a couple of weeks ago. Now, several Clinton supporters have pushed this notion. Does this make any sense to you?

Take Hillary Clinton’s home state of New York. If Barack Obama wins the nomination, does anyone really think that John McCain would win New York? How about California? Doubt it. The electoral argument is designed to distract us from what is truly important – delegates.

This portion of the process is about delegates. Obama has more. Period. Since February, Obama went from trailing Hillary Clinton by 87 in the superdelegate race to trailing by only 30.

I’m still having trouble figuring out how Hillary Clinton can win the nomination.

Keith Olbermann talks with Chuck Todd about Obama, Clinton and Super Delegates.


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