The Guys at Car Talk call it quits

Click and Clack (Tom and Ray)

I have listened to Click and Clack, the Tappit brothers (Tom and Ray Magliozzi) for years (decades, really). For the most part, my cars have worked over those years, but I listen for the laughs. They simply made their shows enjoyable. They laughed at each other and at the goofy situations that their callers could find themselves in. They were smart and witty. They were/are the best that radio has to offer. Well, they have called it quits. Personally, I will miss them. No, I didn’t listen every week, but I did smile or laugh out loud every time I did listen. Here’s what they placed on their web site.

RAY: Hey, you guys. My brother has always said, “Don’t be afraid of work.”

TOM: Right. Make work afraid of YOU! (more…)