Is Farve Making a Comeback?

Brett Farve is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. No matter who you would rank higher (Aikman, Young?), almost everyone has Farve in the top 10. He just announced his retirement in March. Now, there are rumors that he is thinking about coming back this season.

Farve has been thinking and talking about retirement for the last three years. He has had a great career and last year he had a fantastic season. He was soo close to a Super Bowl. But, it’s time for him to hang up the cleats. To be honest, he should have retired three years ago. Last year was his best year in five or six years. In the two games that he was really challenged– Dallas and New York– he laid an egg. I think that Darrin Woodson is correct in saying that The Packers should close the door and move on.