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Remember that old equation – supply and demand. A friend of mine said something that really struck me. He said we aren’t going to get an explosion of jobs until demand increases. Demand equals the middle class doing better. It is really that simple.

Let’s take Levi’s 501 jeans. How do we get Levi’s to hire more people to make more of their classic 501 jeans? It isn’t by giving tax cuts to Paris Hilton. It is by putting more money into the pockets of average middle class Americans. Then, when thousands of Americans buy Levi’s 501 jeans and the demand exceeds the supply, the Levi Strauss company will hire more workers to make those classic jeans. It is that simple. 

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Mitt Romney is wrong on class size

A couple days ago Mitt Romney stated that they found in Massachusetts that class size does not matter. Really? I would love to see that study. I suspect it was terribly flawed. When you take a flawed study and try to make some conclusions, guess what? Those are going to be wrong also. It’s like that old economic saying – garbage in, garbage out.

Let’s be clear, Mitt Romney went to a very prestigious prep school in Michigan. As far as I know, that prep school does not boast larger class sizes. As a matter fact, it boasts individual attention. It is impossible to have individual attention in larger classes. As a matter of fact, one of things that exclusive prep schools share in common is the fact that they all boast individual attention and smaller class sizes. So, either all of the prestigious prep schools in the country have got it wrong or possibly Mitt Romney’s trying to pull a fast one over on the American public. (more…)

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Iraq's budget – no signs of unity

From LAT:

…The $41-billion budget, a copy of which was obtained by the Los Angeles Times, also includes money to assist the families of those killed and imprisoned under the regime of the late Saddam Hussein. The Shiite Muslim-sponsored provision has proved so offensive to Sunni Arab lawmakers that they have threatened to loudly condemn the entire spending plan unless benefits are also provided to prisoners who were abused by American troops at the Abu Ghraib prison and to those killed in U.S. military operations since the toppling of Hussein’s Sunni-dominated government in 2003.

“If they do not change this particular law, we will not vote for the budget,” said Alaa Saddoun, a Sunni lawmaker in the sect’s main parliamentary bloc. ( more… )


If there is any hope of Iraq staying together as a country, the Sunni’s can’t feel like second class citizens. 

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