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Military Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault in the Military

Yesterday, in the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, about 15 or 20 of the military brass sat in front of our senators and tried to justify their current system of military justice and the ongoing sexual assault of women in the military. I wish I had something brilliant to say. I really don’t. I find the whole situation sad. No, that’s not right. Outrageous. Pitiful. Intolerable. For almost 20 years women have been fighting in the front lines of our military, yet we have thousands if not tens of thousands of military assaults and rapes against our own by our own. This has to be fixed. We can accept no more excuses.

I was thinking that I needed to write something about how our women in the military need to feel as safe as they do in the normal civilian population. I was gonna say something like the military should be as safe, if not safer. But, as I mentioned a couple months ago, women are not all that safe in the general population. Somehow, the crimes of rape and sexual assault do not seem to be prosecuted with the same vigor as “regular” assault or other violent crimes. We simply need to fix this.

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Israel invades

Israel promised that there’d be a ground portion to this offensive.¬†True to their word, tanks have rolled into the Gaza Strip. A spokesperson for Hamas had this to say:


Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza on Saturday night as the military launched the second phase of its assault on the Hamas-ruled territory after a week of airstrikes.

“We want to create a situation where the civilian population in southern Israel is no longer on the receiving end of those deadly Hamas rockets. When quiet can be achieved, this operation can be finished,” Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told CNN.

The goal of Operation Cast Lead is to halt what Israeli officials describe as a near-constant barrage of Hamas rockets into the southern part of the country from Gaza.

“We haven’t articulated regime change as the goal of this operation. Our goal is to protect our people,” Regev said. Israeli officials say four people have been killed and 59 wounded in Hamas rocket attacks in the past week. (more … )

Seems to me that Israel is trying to get a few last minute licks in on Hamas before Obama gets into office. I don’t think Obama will give Israel the free reign that the Bush administration has allowed. Obama and the United States will always be a close friend of Israel, but that doesn’t mean that we have to support everything that Israel does.

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