Myth – Government can’t create jobs

I think it is funny and sad that conservatives will continue to believe nonsense even when they know it is … well, nonsense. One of their favorite pieces of circular logic is that the government simply can’t create jobs. All jobs (real jobs) are created by the private sector. Government jobs aren’t real because the money comes from taxes, which comes from us, the taxpayer. See? Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

It seems to me that if you are working for the IRS or the State Department, you have a job. You are spending your salary and you are contributing to our GDP by buying things. If you work for Blackwater, a private company which depends on government contracts, you are adding to our economy. If you are an employee of a company that supplies stuff to Blackwater, aren’t you still contributing to the GDP? It is crazy to think that somehow this job is different that a “regular” private sector job. The whole idea is that government jobs are somehow completely different from private sector is beyond me.