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More bad news for the NFL (Update)

Oh, my.

I think that it is important for me to say that I’m a huge NFL fan. I love the Cowboys no matter how bad they are and they are really bad this year. I love the competition and the athleticism in the NFL. I watched the Steelers get back-slapped last night against the Ravens. I love the NFL.

Greg Hardy, defensive line for the Carolina Panthers, has been convicted of domestic abuse of a girlfriend. For some reason, he is being allowed to play for the Panthers this weekend. Is the difference between Hardy and Ray Rice a video? The fact that we have a video showing Ray Rice punching out his then girlfriend means that his offense was worse? I don’t think so. Greg Hardy should be given the week off.

Adrian Peterson, possibly the 2nd best running back I have ever seen, has been indicted for reckless injury of a child. I have no idea what this really means. Did he leave a child in a hot car while he ran into a 7/11 for a Big Gulp? Did he leave a kid at home while he went to Vegas?

No matter what, this doesn’t look good for the NFL.

Update: So, Adrian Peterson thought that it was okay to go and get a switch from a tree in the backyard and hit a 4-year- old child. That was acceptable behavior in the 1960s. This ain’t the 1960s!!! It might be why so many of us from the ’60s are so screwed up.

I didn’t even mention Jerry Jones. Someone is accusing him of sexual assault. I was surprised that a woman would let him get that close. Yuck.

Finally, some good news from the NFL. Devon Still was cut from the Bengals. The team found out that his daughter has cancer and the Bengals hired Devon on to the practice squad. This move allows him to keep his insurance. The New Orleans Saints bought 100 Devon Still jerseys! I’m thinking about buying one also. The profits will benefit the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.


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NFL: week 3 predictions and comments

Tennessee Titans versus New York Giants — This will be hard-nosed, smash mouth football. Neither team has really gotten their offense cranked up. Both defenses have a very aggressive front seven. Momentum and turnovers will be the key to this game. The game is being played in the new Giants Stadium, which I think will give the Giants a slight advantage. Last week I was looking for Vince Young to really have a breakout game. It didn’t happen. Both teams need to get their running game going. In spite of the fact that the Giants are playing at home, I give a slight edge in this game to the Tennessee Titans and Chris Johnson.

Cincinnati Bengals at the Carolina Panthers — I think one of the common themes in the NFL is what happened to the offensive production? When you look at the Cincinnati Bengals, you begin to scratch your head. Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco have combined for not much. You have to have more offensive production from these guys. This will free up the running game. I look for the Cincinnati Bengals to come out and throw the ball. If they’re able to complete some 15-20 yard passes, look for them to come back and pound the ball. I think this is a good plan in theory but Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengal offense has been anemic at best over the last two years. I’m not sure that the Carolina Panthers are going to get the much-needed adrenaline that they are looking for. I give a slight edge in this game to the Bengals.

Pittsburgh Steelers at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The Pittsburgh Steeler defense appears to be in championship form. I think it’s going to be a long day for Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay offense. Look for turnovers. In spite of the Steelers’ offensive woes I think the Steelers will win this one big.

Buffalo Bills versus New England Patriots — The Buffalo Bills continue to be a rebuilding team. They have yet to find a quarterback. They really just cannot win in this league without a viable quarterback. The New England Patriots will cruise to an easy victory.

Cleveland Browns versus Baltimore Ravens — I look for Joe Flacco to pull his head out of the sand and start playing good solid football. He’s been a turnover machine so far this year. If he is able to prevent turnovers, I think the Baltimore Ravens will roll. The Ravens’ front seven, on defense, are playing as well as anyone in the league right now. Look for their defense to create a couple of Cleveland Browns turnovers.

The San Francisco 49ers versus the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs — Do you believe it? The Kansas City Chiefs are currently undefeated. They’ve won ugly, extremely ugly. They have turned the ball over. They have somehow gotten their running game going and made just enough plays in the passing game to win. I don’t think it’s going to happen against the San Francisco 49ers. I think the 49er defense is going to stiffen. I think they’ll shut down the Kansas City offense. Kansas City’s defense has been plenty porous. I think the 49ers can move the ball. The pressure is on Alex Smith. He showed some flashes of brilliance in last week’s game and gave 49ers fans some hope that he can actually play the quarterback position at a high level. He must build on this performance. I look for the 49ers to dominate.

Dallas Cowboys versus Houston Texans — It is not impossible for the Dallas Cowboys to win this football game. They have to fix their problems inside the 20. Tony Romo simply has to play better. If he’s able to play better, this will open up the running game. The Houston Texans have been playing fantastic offense. They put on a show last week against the Washington Redskins. They simply didn’t show up in the first half and then crushed the Redskins in the second half. Matt Schaub has been on fire. All of the football gurus are picking the Houston Texans at home to beat the Cowboys. The Cowboys are 0-2. They cannot go down 0-3. I look for somebody on this Dallas Cowboys football team to step up. Everyone is talking about the Cowboys offensive line. Mario Williams, All-Pro defensive end, will have an opportunity to go up against new left tackle, Doug Free. This does not look good for the Cowboys on paper. Maybe Doug plays better in actuality than he does on paper. The Cowboys are probably going to have to give Doug some help. Look for the Cowboys to figure out a way to win. (Yes, I’m a diehard Cowboys fan, but also a realist. This is a longshot.)

Detroit Lions at the Minnesota Vikings — What is wrong with the Minnesota Vikings’ offense? We have seen the bad Brett Farve each of the last two weeks. Look for him to break out of his slump and have a good game. This should open up more running lanes for Adrian Peterson. Detroit has been playing better but I don’t think they have the weapons to stop the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings, like the Cowboys, have their backs against the wall.

Atlanta Falcons versus New Orleans Saints — Although the New Orleans Saints have been wanting to, they have not been able to unleash their much feared offensive machine. They just haven’t been able to sustain drives. This is a big rivalry. Anything can happen. In order for the Falcons to win, they have to run the ball well. Matt Ryan has to play like he did two years ago. He really needs to torch the Saints in order for the Falcons to win. Finally, the defense of the Falcons has to create turnovers. I’m not sure that the Atlanta Falcons are going to be able to do all of this. Look for the New Orleans Saints to figure out a way to win. (more…)

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