McClellan's a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Scott McClellan

Do you remember Scott McClellan? He was former President George Bush’s second White House Press Secretary. He’s the one who had the tearful goodbye in the rose garden. He was one of those that had been with President George W. Bush since he was a governor. Well, McClellan wrote a book and it looks like he gives us the straight scoop instead of that slop that he serve up during those press conferences. It will be interesting to see what new information he is presenting, or is he just verifying what we already know.


From the Washington Post:

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan writes in a new memoir that the Iraq war was sold to the American people with a sophisticated “political propaganda campaign” led by President Bush and aimed at “manipulating sources of public opinion” and “downplaying the major reason for going to war.”

McClellan includes the charges in a 341-page book, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception,” that delivers a harsh look at the White House and the man he served for close to a decade. He describes Bush as demonstrating a “lack of inquisitiveness,” says the White House operated in “permanent campaign” mode, and admits to having been deceived by some in the president’s inner circle about the leak of a CIA operative’s name. (more…)