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I was going to write a long post on the Cowboys season. Then I thought why? Everyone in the world is writing about the Cowboys and Jason Garrett. I know that some folks are saying that the Cowboys are very talented. I’m not sure that’s true. Today the Cowboys looked bad – offense, defense and special teams. We will see what happens in the offseason.

Michael Buble’ kinda has a Bing Crosby voice. Soft and mellow. He voice was made for Christmas tunes

When you think about great Christmas tunes, I really don’t think about Joy to the World. It is a nice tune but I really don’t think that anyone has really hit this tune out of the park. Well, Earth, Wind and Fire has a very cool version of Joy to the World.

Winter Wonderland is one of my favorite Christmas tunes. I’m sorry but I really love the Andy Williams version of this tune,

Williams just has a great voice. I remember in high school, trying to play this tune. We killed it. No I mean we really murdered the tune. I’m surprised that are band director didn’t give up. He didn’t and we got somewhat better.

Al Jarreau put out a Christmas album. His version of Winter Wonderland is worth a listen. It swings. Al really leans into the Walking portion of the refrain which gives the tune a nice groove.

So, forget the disappointing Cowboys. Let’s enjoy some great Christmas music.


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Let It Snow

Artist: Boyz II Men
Tune: Let it Snow

One of the truly great Christmas tunes!!!

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The Temptations

Artist: The Temptations
Tune: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

If you don’t have The Temptations Christmas album from 1970, you’re missing some beautiful Christmas music. This is Motown at its best. Many artists simply crank out a Christmas album and the album doesn’t sound anything like their normal stuff. This is The Temptations. This is Motown. You still have the beautiful harmonies. You have the unmistakable groove that Motown was famous for. Sit back and enjoy.

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