Dobson: Obama distorts Bible

James Dobson believes that if you don’t agree with his interpretation of the Bible then you are distorting the Bible. Unfortunately, for Mr. Dobson, God didn’t give him the power of infinite wisdom or insight. I guess Love thy Neighbor means we all must think and believe what Dobson believes.

BTW, the speech that Dobson has his panties in a twist over was given over 2 years ago. The speech was on religious tolerance. No wonder Dobson is so upset. We (or rather he) can’t have religious tolerance because that would put him out of business. Focus on the Family is all about intolerance.

Update: I found this excellent post on Kos from a moderate Christian coalition called Matthew 25.

From WaPo:

Dobson’s comments, which aired today on his Focus on the Family radio show, come as Obama’s campaign plans to launch a broad appeal to evangelicals and Catholics.

Dobson and Tim Minnery, a senior vice president at Focus on the Family, spent about 20 minutes of the show harshly critiquing a speech that Obama gave in 2006 to a group of liberal Christian leaders.

In the speech, Obama argues for religious diversity and acceptance and prods liberals not to cede issues of faith to Republicans. (more…)