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Senator Craig still around

He ain’t going nowhere. When you are addicted to power it is hard to let go. It looks like Senator Larry Craig is not going to leave the Senate at the end the month as he hinted a couple of weeks ago. it looks like he is going to wait until the judge hands down his verdict on whether or not he should get a retrial.

BTW, he shouldn’t get a retrial. If his judgment is so BAD that he pleads guilty to something that he is not guilty of then he needs to be removed from the Senate for being too stupid to govern. On the other hand, if he was soliciting sex like I think he was, he needs to be removed from office for being a 2-faced liar. There’s his choice. I look forward to him choosing.

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Fred Thompson looks better and better

Fred ThompsonThe sarcasm is dripping from the title of this post.  Fred Thompson who is “famous” for putting the Nixon White House’s feet to the fire during Watergate was actually a spy for the White House.  Nixon viewed him as not too bright.  It is really neat when you get a listening device and play it for a Republican. 

Thompson is trying to kindle his good-ole boy image (wasn’t that the image that Bush had?  Why would anyone want to walk in Bush’s shoes?).  Unfortunately, the fact that Fred Thompson was a high priced Lobbyist seems to be dulling that image somewhat.  A high priced lobbyist for the pro-choice group National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.  Man, I find it hard to believe that this will play well with the Conservative base. 

Update:  It appears that Fred Thompson now has no memory of being a paid lobbyist for a family planning organization.  Sounds like the Watergate cop out – “Not to the best of my recollection.”

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Where’s the Outrage? 10/14/06

Happy belated Friday the 13th.  Did the president really say that?  Did he say that he was amazed as the level of violence that the Iraqis tolerate?  Do the Iraqis have a choice?  Where they going to leave the country?

New study reveals that 650,000 Iraqis have died.  Our president is an expert epidemiologist.  He says the methodology has been discredited. I explain the method and why our president may be off base.  Again.

The President defenses Denis Hastert.  The President describes him as someone who gets things done.

North Korea has set off something.  Looks like a nuclear explosion.  Small but nuclear.  I speak with Joe Cirincione, senior vice president for National Security and Policy for the Center for American Progress.  He is a nuclear expert.  We’ll discuss our approach to North Korea and nuclear weapons.

Stephanie Miller, nationally syndicated talk show host, is in the House!!! Besides being funny, the girl knows what’s up!!! We discuss the implosion of the Republican Party.  Stephanie has a few words of wisdom on former Congressman Mark Foley who is the gift that seems to keep on giving.  This is a great interview with a Great radio personality.

Remember I’m on iTunes and on several other podcasting services.

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