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Will Romney apologize?

Will Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney apologize to President Obama? Will he apologize to the State Department? Will he apologize to the American people? It was only a couple weeks ago when Mitt Romney said, “this is a dark day for freedom, and a day of shame for this administration.” He was talking about the Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng, who landed in New York City late last night. Mitt Romney, without all the facts, decided to bash the Obama administration when it turns out Obama, Clinton and others in the Obama administration and the State department were doing exactly the right thing. They were patient. They did what was necessary without compromising American values and were able to obtain the freedom that this Chinese activist wanted. Shame on Mitt for trying to score political points without having all of the facts. (more…)

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Grab Bag Tuesday – What stories are you following today?

  • I have tried to ignore the story about Senator Claire McCaskill charging the taxpayers for her to fly around her state on campaign visits. First of all, Senator McCaskill has the distinction of being one of the few senators who has ever been on my radio show. Because of this, I have a soft spot for her. I think she’s a good Senator for the state of Missouri. On the other hand, you have to get your act together. If you are Senator you know that people are going to scrutinize your expenses. Were there a school for being a senator this would be in Senate 101. There’s no excuse. Then, we just found out that she did not pay taxes on the plane for the last four years. Seriously? “But I didn’t know!” is an excellent excuse if you’re in the third grade. If you’re in the Senate is kind of lame.
  • Glenn Beck with his ratings plummeting has to do something. He has to find something spectacular to get him back into the limelight. How about declare that a major network is “anti-God.” Maybe, just maybe, this will propel him back to his number one status.
  • According to the New York Times, the United States and their coalition partners appear to be nearing their goals. At the same time, an F-15 E fighter jet crashed in Libya. One crew member was saved and the other is in the process of being rescued. The US military states that the plane was not shot down but had mechanical failure.
  • The president of Yemen has offered to step down earlier than 2013. It is unclear whether his earlier departure, by the end of the year, will appease the massive protests that are going on in that small country.
  • Chinese officials must be sweating bullets. All the unrest in the Middle East seems to have been started through the Internet. The Internet is something that the Chinese have tried to keep an incredibly tight lid on. They try to monitor and censor the Internet, but signals and information seems to get into the country. Google is accusing the the Chinese government of censoring e-mail. I guarantee you that they’re censoring e-mail. These guys are desperate.
  • Paul Krugman, in his Sunday column, pointed out that the GOP is completely, 100% focused on Elizabeth Warren. They want to discredit her so badly that they can taste it. She, more than any other economist, has boiled down the complex foreclosures and mortgage meltdown and do something simple that any American can understand. Her logic is impeccable. Her reputation is impeccable. The Republicans can’t stand it.
  • Whatever was ailing former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi it seems to be gone now. She checked into a hospital yesterday and now she’s resuming a regular schedule. I hope she’s really feeling better.

So, what’s on your mind?

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