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Keeping Our Children Safe – Domestic Violence (Update)


I have been pretty bummed the last two days. A couple of days ago, I admitted one of the worst cases of domestic violence that I have ever seen. This young child had been tortured. Tortured for months. Tons of bruises. Bruises everywhere. Bruises on her face, arms, chest, back, buttocsk. She had a terrible, non-survivable head injury along with fractures of her face, chest and arms. She had a liver injury, also. This was all from abuse. This wasn’t a fall. There is no way to rationally explain this. This was domestic violence. This was torture.

The same day that I was admitting my patient, we heard that NFL star running back Adrian Peterson lost his son to domestic violence. If Adrian Peterson can’t keep his son safe, then who can? I will not ever pretend to have the answers. In an advanced society like ours, how is it that we can’t keep our kids safe? As I was standing at the bedside, I just felt that we completely failed these children.

Update: “Domestic violence” is simply too generic a term for what happened to this child. It was murder. It was torture.

My good friend TCB pointed out to me that although our hearts go out to the victims there really isn’t much that we can do. Without our using the NSA to look into every house, we are stuck. We can only report the parents when we see something that is suspicious. That’s it. I’m not saying that we need to do more. I’m saying that I felt, that I feel helpless.

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Saturday Night News Roundup

Saturday Night News Roundup

So, what happened with Benghazi? Hillary Clinton went in front of the Senate and the House and Republicans had nothing. Basically, they rehash the same old arguments and the same old allegations. The bottom line, as I see it, is that our embassy in Benghazi was attacked. Neither President Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton attacked our embassy. Instead, our embassy was attacked by a group that was some sort of offshoot of Al Qaeda. I do not think that the American people learned anything.

I have no idea what’s going on in Mali.

obama shooting skeet

Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking in the White House. How did they decide releasing a photo of the president shooting skeet at Camp David was going to quell the clamor from gun advocates? This is just like the birth certificate debate. Now they’re going to say he didn’t shoot enough. Now they’re going to say that the picture was Photoshopped. Now they’re going to ask for a picture of him shooting a gun when he was a boy because you can’t love guns unless you actually shoot them as a child. Will the nonsense never cease?

Cardinal Roger Mahony stated that he did not know how to deal with the child sex abuse cases. I guess this is supposed to be an excuse.

Last year, I tried to keep up with some financial data. I tried to keep up with the bank problem list. These are institutions that the Federal Reserve worried about. The unofficial list declines to 822 institutions.

I guess I should’ve started this post with Friday’s news that the economy added 157,000 jobs in January. As I’ve stated on a number of occasions, the economy needs to do better. We truly need for the economy to take off. We need more stimulus.

Hey, it is Saturday night. Are you looking for a good scandal? How about the Nebraska lieutenant-governor resigning abruptly after it was found out that he called four different women on his government issued cell phone?

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Jerry Sandusky found guilty

In my mind, the question wasn’t whether Jerry Sandusky would be found guilty. The question was, how guilty was he? According to a jury, he was very guilty.

From WaPo:

A jury convicted Jerry Sandusky of 45 charges of child sex abuse Friday, concluding a trial in which eight men took the witness stand to declare that the former Penn State coach molested them when they were boys. (more…)

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