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Chiefs – 49ers SuperBowl LVIII

I don’t think that I have posted any NFL stuff this year. For those that don’t know, I’m a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. I grew up in the 70s when the Cowboys were winning all of the time. I was alway nervous about this year which is why I didn’t post (also, I was busy with my day job).

Anyway, this post is about the SuperBowl and the Chiefs/49ers. First, let me say that I thought the SuperBowl was going to be the Ravens and the Lions. I just knew that Lamar Jackson would figure out a way to beat Mahomes and company. I was wrong. I knew at halftime that the 49ers were done. I just knew that the Lions were going to cruise to victory. Well, I was 100% wrong about that one also.

So, with that track record, I think that the defense of the Chiefs will control the game. The 49ers have an explosive offense with McCaffrey (why did Carolina trade him again), Samuel, and Kittle (don’t forget Aiyuk). The 49er offensive line is all-world with Trent Williams holding down the left tackle position (why did the Commanders get rid of him again). They will have to pressure Brock Purdy who has shown some cracks in his otherwise flawless performances.

The 49ers have a strong defense with a great front four and great linebackers. Their secondary can be had. Look for the Chiefs to use short passes and Isiah Pacheco to control the game. They must stay away from 49er’s linebacker Fred Warner who is all-world. He does everything well.

Emotions are ridiculously high in the SuperBowl. Turnovers make a HUGE difference. The first team that turns the ball over should expect to lose.

Chiefs over the 49ers. 26 -13 (Notice how I got Taylor Swift’s number 13 in there. ) Let’s kick back and enjoy some good football.

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NFL: Week 2 – a few thoughts

Dallas is trying to lose lost to the Seattle Seahawks. As good as Dallas looked last week, they were/are that bad this week. Seattle created turnovers and then wore down the Dallas defense. Tony Romo and the offense were pretty bad. The special teams for the Cowboys were very special. They gave up a fumble which led to a field, and then they allowed a blocked punt, leading to a touchdown… all in the opening quarter. I would like to tell you that the Cowboys hung tough and fought their way back into the game, but I would be lying. The defense played well for 2 1/2 quarters and then got man-handled. It got very ugly as Seattle and Marshawn Lynch were able to do anything they wanted in the second half. He only had 122 yards on the ground, but it seemed more like 175. For the Cowboys, nobody looked good on offense. Romo graced us with another ugly interception. Just when you thought that he has learned to take care of the ball, true ugliness showed its ugly head. A simple cover sink type of defense and Romo threw late back across his body for an ugly interception. The Seahawks crushed the Dallas offense. They were simply faster and stronger. There were no holes for DeMarco Murray. Tony Romo had very little time to find receivers. Between Jason Witten and Dez Bryant, they were targeted 17 times but only came up with seven receptions. It looked like Jason Witten was lost.  Everyone thought that the Cowboys were going to walk away with a W. NOT. The NFL is a crazy place. Read on if you don’t believe me.

The NY Giants have the ability to look awful for three quarters and then put everything together in the fourth quarter. Josh Freeman is not getting it done for Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers should have won this game by at least two touchdowns. Eli Manning throws for over 500 yards. Did I mention that the NFL is a crazy place?

Cam Newton played well. Got bounce back from last week. (more…)

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