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Hillary for Chief of Staff?

Hillary Clinton

Hillary for Chief of Staff that is what Richard Cohen of WaPo is saying. Now, it is clear that none of us are flawless but he points out some very troubling things that we have seen from Hillary. Hillary Clinton doesn’t admit to her mistakes. The Iraq War was a mistake. You can’t spin that. Many progressives are willing to give Hillary Clinton a pass on the Iraq War, I’m not. With costs of over $491 billion and counting, I’m not willing to give anyone a pass on the War.  Let’s not forget the ultimate cost – 3945 deaths and 28,770 injured.

Cohen goes on to mention Hillary Clinton a bill that sponsored that should be very troubling for progressives. She co-sponsored a bill against flag burning. Flag burning!! Now, that is pandering. That is pandering with the Constitution. I can’t support that, can you?


From WaPo:

Two matters stand out. The first, of course, is her vote in favor of the Iraq war. I, too, supported going to war, so I don’t think this alone disqualifies her from the presidency. I do think, though, that her refusal to simply admit that her judgment — not simply her facts — was faulty says something about her. We all knew George Bush was going to launch the invasion and was not merely seeking permission to stare down Saddam Hussein. If Clinton did not know that, her judgment was doubly faulty.

Her refusal — her inability — to simply confess poor judgment says to me that her vote was politically motivated. In that, she was not alone. All of her 2008 Democratic primary colleagues who were in the Senate at the time voted for the war resolution. Many other Senate Democrats voted against it — on the basis not of different facts but of a different judgment about the same facts.

If that were the only example of Clinton’s voting suspiciously like a presidential candidate, I would not be troubled. But in 2005, she co-sponsored a bill that would make flag-burning illegal. It just so happened that around that time I heard Justice Antonin Scalia explain why he, a conservative so conservative you cannot be more conservative, considered flag-burning a form of political expression. It was therefore, he said, protected. Precisely so. (more…)

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Blackwater chief getting lightly grilled

Come on. It is Eric Prince. This guy is well bred. Good school. Military training. Sitting in front of some Congressmen isn’t going to get him to crack. Get real. He was smooth and cool just as one would have expected.


From WaPo:

The chairman of the Blackwater private security firm said yesterday that guards working for his company have “acted appropriately at all times” while protecting U.S. diplomats in Iraq and accused critics of making “baseless allegations of wrongdoing” against them.

In a contentious hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Erik Prince said it is up to the Justice Department, not Blackwater, to investigate shootings and other acts of violence involving Blackwater employees and, if warranted, prosecute personnel involved in the deaths of Iraqi civilians. (more…)

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