Does Ayers Matter?

Before last Wednesday I’d never heard of Bill Ayers or the “Weather Underground.” I’m sorry that I’m not up on 1960s radical groups. But for reasons that are unclear to me, George Stephanopoulos decided to ask Senator Barack Obama about this man during the most recent debate.

It turns out that the Washington Post has painted a completely different picture of Ayres. He is currently an educator, fighting for smaller schools to improve the quality of education throughout the city (I personally agree with this action). He is an informal adviser to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. The story is such a non-issue that Daley issued a statement stating that Ayers is a “valued member of the Chicago community.”

For reasons that are unclear to me, Republicans continue to use the same old “look over here at this pile of horse manure” tactic and the media continues to fall for it. All the while, the Democrats are telling the media to focus on a ‘burning building’ to get everyone to try to save it. In the end, the metaphorical building continues to burn as the media reports on the Republican’s pile of manure.

The Ayers story is a pile of horse manure.