Because the last CodeTalker, Chester Nez died yesterday, I thought that I would look at the movie WindTalkers. Simply put, this movie is awful. I wish I could say something different, but I can’t. One would figure if you’re making a movie about Navajo Indians who were recruited as code talkers during World War II, you would make the movie about Navajo Indians who were code talkers. This movie is more about showing us the horrors of war than about the Navajo Indians.

I understand that there are some conventions that need to be followed when making movies, but this movie is nothing more than a string of clichés. Nicholas Cage plays the grizzled veteran who makes a mistake on the battlefield and is now fighting to avenge that mistake. Of course, the grizzled veteran cannot befriend the rookie. It is important to treat rookies with contempt. We have seen this before in so many war movies. Adam Beach tries to save this movie with a solid performance, but his performance is inescapabply mired in a terrible script. (more…)