The Errington Thompson Show 1-2-10

He’s back! The Errington Thompson Show was snowed in two weeks ago and MIA last week, but this week’s show brings back the progressive radio fun with New Year’s resolutions, the Blackwater travesty, healthcare and more. Errington’s guest is Mark Karlin from Among the highlights of their review of 2009 is a thoughtful discussion about the healthcare legislation and why it is going the way it is. Of course everybody’s favorite Filibusterer-in-the-Mud, Mr. Joe Lieberman, figures into the mix, as does Nebraska’s Ben Nelson. Both of these guys represent states that are pretty well saturated by the insurance industry (Mutual of Omaha, anyone?) Is it any wonder they’re so gung-ho about status quo?

Another point of contention is the would-be Christmas Day Bomber, the struggling United States economy and Obama’s presidential performance so far. Where are all these new jobs going to come from? Is Obama making mistakes or, as Mark Karlin asks, is he really a great political chess player and we have yet to see the deciding move? Has Main Street been sacrificed to Wall Street or is there a light at the end of the tunnel? The corporate rule of America must be discussed if we are to have hope of attaining the change that we progressive thinkers want for this country.

Now this is progressive radio!