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Chemical Ali sentenced to death

I don’t know of a punishment that is appropriate for someone who gassed and killed 100,000 of people (Kurdish people in this case). Is hanging to good for him? I don’t think that we have the means to make someone like this pay for his sins. Drawing and Quartering is too good.


From AP News:

An Iraqi appeals court on Tuesday upheld death sentences imposed against “Chemical Ali” al-Majid and two other Saddam Hussein lieutenants convicted of crimes against humanity for their roles in a massacre of Kurds, a judge said.

Al-Majid, Saddam’s cousin and former defense minister, gained the nickname “Chemical Ali” after poison gas attacks on Kurdish towns in the 1980s.

The Iraqi High Tribunal upheld his death sentence in a majority decision, as well as those of former Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai and Hussein Rashid Mohammed, former deputy director of operations for the Iraqi Armed Forces, according to appellate court judge Munir Hadad. (more…)

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