Venezuela to Chavez – No

President Hugo Chavez is the charismatic leader of Venezuela. He hates the US in general and President Bush in specific. For years, I have been waiting for him to say that Terrell Owens line (Dallas Cowboys receiver), “I love me, some me.” He is the answer. Anytime one man believes that he is the answer to his country’s problems, there is a problem.

President Chavez is convinced that he is the man. He has the message. He wanted to formally change the constitution and give himself more power. He was so sure of himself that he put it up for a vote. He got defeated.


From WaPo:

Venezuelan voters delivered a stinging defeat to President Hugo Chávez on Sunday, blocking proposed constitutional changes that would have given him political supremacy and accelerated the transformation of this oil-rich country into a socialist state.

Hours after the final ballots were cast, the National Electoral Council announced at 1:15 a.m. local time Monday that voters, by a margin of 51 to 49 percent, had rejected 69 reforms to the 1999 constitution. The modifications would have permitted the president to stand for reelection indefinitely, appoint governors to provinces he would create and control Venezuela’s sizable foreign reserves.  (more…)