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Ron Howard for Obama

Now this is funny but still makes a point. Ron Howard goes back to Mayberry and tries to figure out why Americans can’t seem to get behind change. Andy Griffith shows up to make the skit funny and to the point. But that’s not enough for Ron Howard. He goes back to those Happy Days, too, and chats with the Fonz about this election. Again, funny and to the point. I knew that there was a reason that I admire Ron Howard.

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Markos on Countdown

Keith Olbermann chats with Markos Moulitsas the publisher and founder of the DailyKos. They discuss FISA in relation to Netroots and Barack Obama. Now, I have not really pushed Barack Obama in my recent posting on FISA but it is clear that we, Netroots, need a Senator to lead this fight. Chris Dodd? Russ Feingold? Pat Leahy? Hillary Clinton? Now, Hillary is in an idea position to get back into the good graces of the liberal left. She could lead this charge but Barack Obama would be perfect. Is he the leader of the Democratic party? Yes or No? If the answer is yes then he needs to figure out a way to stop this bill.

Now there is a down side to Barack Obama picking up this sword and running with it. The Republicans will truly get energized against anyone who tries to block this bill.

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