Isn’t bullying wrong whether it is done today or 40 years ago?

So we have had a big push to stop bullying. We would like to stop bullying in schools and colleges. I remember as a teenager I went to the Battle of the Bands. This was a great show. Gambling. Texas Southern and other bands from historically Black colleges. It was outstanding. Great music and absolutely great precision marching. Recently, I found out that Florida A&M, a historically Black college, had a student who died of hazing, bullying.

From WaPo:

Thirteen people have been charged in the hazing death of a Florida A&M University band drum major last November, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. Eleven of the 13 face a third-degree felony charge of hazing resulting in death.

Robert Champion, 26, was found aboard a charter bus parked in Orlando after he was reportedly beaten so badly that he was left with internal bleeding, which caused him to go into shock and die, the county medical examiner’s office said at the time. (more…)