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Last Night's Roundup

Last Night’s Roundup (a day late)

*I was really tired last night after being on call for the last week. The good news is I really voted yesterday.  It felt very good to vote for somebody I truly believe in. Anyway, there were some good stories yesterday so, here’s what I wanted to post last night —

*Neo-Nazis had plotted to kill Barack Obama. The plot was discovered and two people were arrested. There are a lot of great people in this country, full of love and kindness.  On the other hand, there are a lot of knuckleheads who were full of hatred, envy and loathing.

*In spite of hard economic times, the wealth of our congressmen grew by 13% in 2007. Did you know that over 60% of our senators are millionaires? When you consider what it takes to run a campaign, it becomes clear why no one but a millionaire can afford to take that kind of time off from work. Of course they are millionaires.

*National security experts have stated that the next president will be tested, no matter who the next president is. Didn’t Al Qaeda test Bush and Clinton early in their presidency? This only makes sense. Somehow, though, we need to be ready.

*Sadly, McCain seems to be running a campaign against himself. On one hand he has touted his closeness to President Bush and his policies. On the other hand, he has tried to distance himself from President Bush and his policies.  It’s all rather confusing. See the RMS video below.

*Call center workers have walked off the job rather than read an inflammatory script that bashes Barack ObamaGood for them!

*More newspapers are jumping on Barack Obama’s bandwagon. The Charlotte Observer and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram are only two of the latest papers to endorse Obama. Even the little paper in Wasilla, Alaska, hometown of Sarah Palin, has endorsed Barack Obama.

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NC poll – be truthworthy

New Poll from the Charlotte Observer, The News and Observer, WNCN-TV and WCNC-TV asks North Carolinians about the presidential race. Trustworthiness is the most important trait.  I’m not sure why but John McCain is the candidate that NC believes is the most trustworthy.  John McCain?  Mister it is safe in the Baghdad market?  Get real.  We need to education NC on John McCain or John McSame.

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