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Charles Taylor convicted

For the people of Liberia, I’m positive this took too long. Finally, Charles Taylor has been convicted of aiding and abetting war crimes.

From the BBC:

Taylor, 64, has been on trial for almost five years.

“This is an incredibly significant decision,” Elise Keppler from the campaign group Human Rights Watch told the BBC. (more…)

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Charles Taylor – Did you know?

I’m going to post a series of facts on Charles Taylor in the coming weeks.

Not only did Representative Charles Taylor (R) put GE-authored legislation into a bill in order to help delay clean-up of a polluted river-site, and help, with Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT), Jack Abramoff’s client, the Saginaw Tribe, secure federal funding for a school in exchange for campaign donations. But now it seems that he’s also mired in a few garden variety scams to enrich himself and his friends: he allegedly helped a friend commit bank fraud and used his status as a member of Congress to buy the better part of a Russian bank. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a Congressional watchdog group, released an ethics complaint against Taylor yesterday, alleging that he violated eight laws and House ethics statutes since he joined the House in 1990. 

From TPM cafe:

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