Too Damn Much Money

When you decide that you need to take your children on a tour of the slums of New Delhi┬áto see how the other half lives, there is something wrong in your world. You make too damn much money. If you have to see how the other half lives by touring their neighborhood, there is something really, really wrong in your world. How about we take a bunch of poor people to tour your neighborhood? They can come by and peek in your windows. What ever happened to serious, real charity work? This is where you learn about those who are less fortunate. You volunteer at your local church or the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity. You give your time and money and help someone. This is how you really, truly learn about poverty. A couple of hours on some tour bus may make you feel better about your life and your world. If that’s the purpose, then that’s fine. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that we have really done something. Now, if we volunteer and actually help some people that need help, well, now we are on to something.