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Sunday Morning News Roundup

Sunday Morning News Roundup

Working really, really hard in America under mediocre conditions is common. I just think that Americans should be treated better.

This presidential race is still close. It is very important for us to continue to work hard if we truly want progressive change in this country.

What if Israel bombed Iran?

I really don’t know why Romney has continually messed up. This is a guy who has wanted to be president for 20 years. He has put himself in position. He has talked to tons of people about the mechanics about how to win votes and run for president. Yet, I don’t understand simple decisions that the Romney campaign makes. If you aren’t going to release all of your taxes, then why do you continually bring it up? Why did he release some half tax return which will do nothing but stir up with waters?

Everyone thought that Romney would try to tack from the extreme right to the middle for the general election. We thought that he would try to appeal to independent voters. Nope. His 47% remark proves that he has decided to stay on the extreme right of his party.

Iraq has been a problem. It continues to be a problem.

NFL week 3 is here. The best game of the week may be the Ravens versus the Patriots. Falcons versus the Chargers will also be fun to watch.

The Fed Ex Championship at East Lake in Atlanta is golf at its best. Justin Rose and Brent Snedeker are tied for the lead. The course will be dry. The greens will be super fast. $10 million at stake!

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Chargers and Seahawks are home for the winter

Yuck, yuck, yuck.  As great a day was Saturday was of football, Sunday was as bad.  Look, for over three years the football “pundits” have been trying to crown Tom Brady as the next great Hall of Fame quarterback.  He’s a combination of Elway and Montana and what ever other Hall of Fame quarterback they can think of at the time.  Well, Tom Brady is human just like all the rest of us.  He basically stunk up the field for the majority of the game on Sunday. 

The only thing that stunk worse than Tom Brady would be the San Diego Chargers.  San Diego offense missed opportunity after opportunity to put the game away.  They allowed the New England Patriots to think that they still had an opportunity to win.  In the NFL, if you don’t put champion away, early, the champion will make you pay for it every time. 

As a championship team, you can never let someone like Eric Parker lose the game for you.  Or better yet, how do you intercept Tom Brady and then allow an offensive player, Troy Brown, to take the ball from you seconds later?  It was a great play by Troy Brown but an absolute abysmal play by Marlon McCree.  That’s not professional football.  That’s high school football.  Maybe Marty Schottenheimer can’t coach the big game.  It is clear that he had the best team all year.  To lose to New England at home… this New England team with its mediocre defense and just “okay” receivers is inexcusable.

I’m sorry, Rex Grossman may become an NFL quarterback in the next two to three years but right now he is just painful to watch.  On one play he can throw a 60 yard strike for a touchdown.  On another play, he holds the ball so long that you think that he’s staring down a batter in baseball.  The Seahawks have an excuse they haven’t played a great game all year so why should we expect them to play great now?  The Bears were great at times, mostly on defense.  The Bears were awful at times.  Why the Bears didn’t run between the tackles more I don’t understand.  They kept trying to run outside and they were stuffed outside.  Why they let Grossman throw as much as they did confused me and probably the Seahawks as well. 

Just some ugly football.  There ain’t nothing worst that ugly football at this time of year.

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