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Republicans don’t seem to understand that we live in a Democracy (Update)

Our form of government is about give and take. If you want a different form of government don’t pretend to love a Democracy. The Republicans are pushing for their ideas. They don’t want to compromise. That’s either a dictatorship or a monarchy.

From the Daily Kos:

Indiana Republican Mike Pence says that if Democrats don’t accept every single Republican demand for spending cuts, then he supports shutting down the federal government—and believes the Democrats will be blamed.

Yesterday afternoon, Pence appeared at a tea party rally and joined in the crowd’s chants  to “shut it down.” And last night, he made quite the Freudian slip on Fox, accidentally saying he wanted a victory for “the Republican people” before correcting himself.

Pence’s attitude is reflective of tea party Republicans, whose support for a federal shutdown has been revealed in poll after poll after poll. It’s yet another reminder that to avert a shutdown, John Boehner must not give his tea party flank veto powerover a budget compromise, even if that means he must rely on Democratic votes to get the final deal passed.

Update: I just kept thinking about this post. It needed something. How about something from Mel Brooks’ great movie – History of the World, Part 1? Now, that’s better.

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Clinton Nominates Obama

In what must be one of the most thrilling and emotional events that I’ve ever seen at a national convention, Senator Hillary Clinton asked that the role call be stopped in order that Senator Barack Obama be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate. It was a magnificent sight. If there was any remaining doubt to Clinton’s commitment, that should have been erased by this very magnanimous gesture. Chants of, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!” rang out from the crowd.

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