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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Thursday Morning News Roundup

Many new iPhone 5s are being shipped with defects. I really don’t understand the hysteria. My droid works extremely well and it cost me 1/3 the price.

iOS 6 is a disaster.

New Romney video – he will “harvest” companies. I’m sure that progressives have been sitting on this video and waiting for the right time.

Romney stops a crowd of supporters who are chanting “Ryan, Ryan.” Wow.

The NFL Referee strike is over. Finally!!! I think we can see how unions can work for the benefit of everyone. This union provided a high quality product.

Romney is losing Ohio and Florida. These are two huge swing states. Recent poll shows Romney down by 10.

Romney at a recent conference told small business NOT to except big tax cuts.

Really?I don’t understand why we still allow corporal punishment in the schools. I really don’t get it. In Texas it is okay for male teachers to spank female students. Oh, there is no chance for anything to go wrong there?!

More later!!!

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Republican blather about the death tax

I got this e-mail from the GOP the other day. They should ashamed of themselves but they aren’t. 

Dear  ,

Family-owned small businesses are taxed enough. They do not need to be double taxed when the business passes on to the next generation.

This week, the Senate is taking up a bill to end the unfair death tax. Earlier this year, a minority of Democrat senators blocked putting the death tax on the road to extinction. This is the last chance to stand up for economic growth, small businesses, and family farms burdened by the unfair death tax.

There is no justification for us giving Paris Hilton more money.  No family farms have ever been lost. None. Not one.  Confuse, deflect, obfuscate.  The politics of the Republicans.

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