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Rickie Fowler wins Well Fargo Championship

Well, I didn’t really see this coming. Yes, Rickie hits the ball well, but I really didn’t see it coming. Rickie hasn’t been playing that well lately. He has been okay, but … I just missed him. Rickie Fowler won a playoff with Rory McElroy and DA Points. Congratulations to Rickie Fowler.

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Tiger takes BMW Championship

I had to post this for my mother. She told me that she willed Tiger to several birdies (he just didn’t respond last week). Although Tiger’s middle game was just okay today, his putting was a thing of beauty.

BTW, Roger Federer maybe the best tennis player that I have ever seen. This would include Bjorn Borg, Jim Conners, John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe and Pete Sampras. He does everything very well. If he stays healthy there is no reason why he shouldn’t win enough grand slams to be called the best ever.



Playing next to Tiger Woods for two days was daunting enough. It was when Steve Stricker watched him from 200 yards away on an elevated tee that he realized how tough it would be to beat him Sunday in the BMW Championship.

He arrived on the par-3 12th tee in time to see Woods, in his customary black pants and red shirt, rap a putt that traveled from one side of the green to the other until the ball disappeared after a 50-foot journey and gave Woods an unlikely birdie. (more…)

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NFL Championship playoff

The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Denver Broncos — the Steelers will bring pressure from everywhere. The key to the game is the Broncos ability to protect Jake Plummer. If Plummer again plays mistake free football, the Broncos go to the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks host the Carolina Panthers — Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is having his way with every defense of back the last three weeks. the Seahawks defense will have to find a way to slow him down. The Panthers may not have a significant rushing game. Again, the Panthers will try to bring a significant amount of pressure on Hassellback. if the Panthers get off to a quick start it will be a long day for the Seahawks. Seattle’s defense is better than we give it credit for and their offense is more than Shaun Alexander.

Last weekend, with some of the best football we’ve seen all year. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s games.

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