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Championship Weekend

Championship football on championship weekend.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for beating the New England Patriots. I thought that Tom Brady and the crew were headed to another Super Bowl, but the Ravens just made enough plays to prevent that from happening. Joe Flacco, whom I have never believed in, made plays. The Patriots decided that they were going to take away the run and the deep pass. They did. Flacco had to hit those intermediate range passes and he did. He was very accurate with the ball. Anquan Boldin made plays. He was huge. Ray Rice continued to pound the ball. The Ravens defense made enough plays. They weren’t great. They did allow Tom Brady to throw for over 320 yards, but he also had two interceptions. As a rule, Brady doesn’t make mistakes in big games. Well, he did today. He overthrew Wes Welker on the opening drive and had an opportunity to run for a first down late in the game. Instead of running, he held onto the ball and then threw a wounded duck into the end zone. It was incomplete and the game was over. This is not the dominant Raven team that we saw win the Super Bowl more than 10 years ago. This team is different. It is more balanced. Both sides of the ball needed to play well for victory and they both did.

Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers for outlasting the Atlanta Falcons. Once again, the Atlanta Falcons came out strong and dominated the first 18 – 20 minutes of the football game. Then something happened. The 49ers figured out something. All I really know is that for the rest of the football game, the 49ers were in the driver’s seat. This game was a repeat of last week’s thriller, except Atlanta was unable to mount any offense in the second half. Colin Kaepernick continues to play well. He didn’t turn the ball over and he only ran when he had to. Frank Gore was one player who really, really stepped up for the 49ers. I think that Matt Ryan played a great game, except for one play. He fumbled a snap while he was in shotgun formation. I don’t know if the ball was snapped early or not. All I know is that the end result was the ball rolled around on the carpet and the 49ers fell on it.

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Dallas Cowboys vs Giants

I missed most of the first half, but my oh my. The Cowboys are making me nauseated. Tony Romo is doing everything wrong. If there is a bad Romo and a good Romo, we are seeing the bad Romo tonight. Three interceptions. He is missing receivers. One of Dallas’ brightest young stars, Felix Jones is back and healthy. He has choked up the ball on a kickoff return. Turnovers. I don’t care how great you think you are, you can’t turn the ball over. You can’t turn the ball over!!

cowboys-giants pic 1Update: You would figure after the Cowboys turned the ball over, again, and the New York Giants marched all the way down the field for a score that the Cowboys would try to develop a long drive. Noooo. Three and out. This is NOT championship football.

The Cowboys receivers can’t get open. Marion Barber is running the ball. On the other side of the ball, the Giants can’t run the ball. Go figure. All of the Giant receivers are wide open. Eli Manning is finding them.

Update II:  Barber just blew a tire on a long run. Looks like a quad to me. Touchdown, Felix Jones!

Update III: Where did Demarcus Ware go? The Cowboys have no sacks today. They had no sacks last week. Where is the great Cowboy pass rush? Giants have the ball. This is where Manning has made his living for the last four years. The two-minute warning. Giants have the ball at their own 29, third and six. Manning to Steve Smith for a first down. (Smith and Manningham of the Giants have over 100 yards each.) Manning close to field goal range. Cowboys call timeout.

Update IV: The Cowboys’ secondary has been just killed by Manning today. Manning has 330 yards, two touchdowns, no sacks and NO interceptions. The Giants win on a field goal. The Cowboys played awfully. Romo was awful. The defense was awful. I think that it is time for the Cowboys to forget about the post season.

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Cowboys beat New York Giants

I thought about writing a post about the things the Cowboys need to do to beat the New York Giants earlier today. For the Dallas Cowboys, the blueprint to victory is really the same every week. From an offensive standpoint, we need to limit turnovers and offensive penalties. The special teams need not screw anything up. The defense needs to continue its run of several weeks of dominance.

Earlier this evening, the Dallas Cowboys beat up the New York Giants. Our defense was clearly superior. The New York Giants were at a disadvantage with since Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs were out. On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys were playing without Roy Williams, our all-pro safety. He has been out most this season with a broken arm. Patrick Watkins, our backup safety, has been on “injured reserve” for the last few weeks, yet our defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage. Although many people will talk about the fact that we had eight sacks in the game, the real key to this game was the fact that the New York Giants could not run the football.

From the offensive side, the Dallas Cowboys did not turn the ball over. Tony Romo did not have an interception… not one. This may be as much of a reason why we won as any other. Tashard Choice had another very solid game with 91 yards rushing on only nine carries. I’m not sure that Marion Barber was at full speed, though he did have a critical third-down play. With all the controversy surrounding Terrell Owens and Jason Witten, Tony Romo really spread the ball around. Seven different receivers had catches.

The bottom line is I think the Cowboys are getting better. They may be peaking at the right time. Still, I’m very disappointed about the tremendous number of penalties. 11 penalties for 108 yards… not exactly championship football.
Next Saturday, the Dallas Cowboys take on the Baltimore Ravens. This is going to be an extremely tough game. Our offensive line has done a mediocre job over the last two weeks. It’s going to have to do a better job of opening holes for the running backs and protecting Tony Romo if we’re going to win against the Baltimore Ravens.

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