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The Players – Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar, Mr. Steady, simply plays great golf, which is why he is the Players 2012 Champion. He isn’t flashy. He doesn’t drive the ball the farthest. He doesn’t work the ball the most. He isn’t the best putter. He does everything very well. He doesn’t make big mistakes (forget the 17th on Saturday – in the water – that wasn’t typical). I love his game.

As an aside, I’m really liking the way that Rickie Fowler is striking the ball. His 7 iron from 200 yards out on the 18th was a thing of beauty.

One of the things that I don’t like about the television coverage of all of these tournaments is the fact that they really only try to the cover the leaders. There is some great golf that we miss by focusing on only those at the top. David Toms and Bob Estes absolutely smoked TPC Sawgrass. They each shot -7 for the round. They were on fire, but because they started their run too far back they were never really covered.

Congratulations to the 2012 Players Champion – Matt Kuchar.

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Why the Dallas Mavericks are at Home

The world champion Dallas Mavericks are sitting at home today because they got swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Swept. What the hell? The World Champions got swept. Lamar Odom? Really? How was that going to help? How do you get rid of Tyson Chandler? He was young and talented. This is the kind of craziness that led to being swept in the first round. Unforgivable. Vince Carter? Whose idea was this? What did they see in Carter’s past that would make anyone want to pay this guy millions to play basketball? He doesn’t play defense. He has lost his fast first step. Why is Jason Kidd still a Maverick? One could argue that he wasn’t that valuable last year.

Basketball is truly a team sport. Everyone must know their roles. Everyone must execute. If you bring in a bunch of guys who think that they are all that, you are the Knicks or the Mavericks.

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NBA's Robinson wins 3 Slam Dunk contest

From ESPN:

Nate Robinson is the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion, and that’s enough for him. The 5-foot-9 New York Knicks guard says he’s done with the marquee event of Saturday night’s All-Star festivities.

“No, no, no, no, no. I don’t think I can bear that anymore. I’m just happy with this third one,” he said. “This is the last one.”

Robinson barely won another title, garnering 51 percent of the fan vote to hold off Toronto rookie DeMar DeRozan in a largely forgettable dunk contest.

DeRozan advanced to the final round after getting a perfect score of 50 on his second dunk of the first round. (more…)

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