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News Roundup: Lies, J.P. Morgan Chase, Best Quarterback in the NFL and More

Dana PerinoWhen I first started this blog, I thought it was very important for me to combat all the lies that are told in the public sphere. That proved extremely fruitless. Yet, there are some lies that we clearly need to call out. George W. Bush’s former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino, decided that she would tell a little fib on national television. While on Fox News she said, “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term.” You don’t have to be a genius or know how to use Google to know that 9/11 occurred while George W. Bush was in his first term as president of our United States. Yet Rudy Giuliani, who was thrust into prominence by those same attacks, repeated the claim only a couple days later. Besides the multiple failures of 9/11, which I will not go into, there was the anthrax attack in which several Americans died and several others became sick. This was a terrorist attack. It happened on George W. Bush’s watch. Frank Rich has more. Look, I really don’t mind you having your own opinion. If you believe that George W. Bush was the greatest president since George Washington, good for you. I do mind when you pretend to have your own set of facts. The facts are clear. The failures of the George W. Bush administration led to 9/11. The failures in the aftermath of 9/11 led to our taking our eyes off the ball and focusing on Iraq instead of Al Qaeda. This allowed us to go into Iraq with too few troops to secure the peace. Now, let’s return to reality.

It would be nice if we had some fairy godmother who could wave a magic wand and change the world for good. Wouldn’t it be nice if corporations would be penalized for gross negligence? If you have a security breach in which 76 million credit card holders have their data exposed to thieves, isn’t that gross negligence? Why can’t we, as Americans, form a class action and sue J.P. Morgan Chase for gross negligence? Oh, that’s right, it’s illegal for us to do it.

It appears that a gay teenager was beaten. Unfortunately, this isn’t news. What is news is that he was hospitalized for the beating and is being charged by police for… I don’t know what exactly. It’s crazy.

Google is working on a really large TV which will fit together like Legos. Sounds cool. Hope it works.

Deaths from heroin overdoses have more than doubled over the last several years.

Conservatives are all up in arms because of voter suppression. I can only laugh. It is conservatives who have pushed voter suppression. They pushed ID cards and several other gimmicks in order to limit the young, the poor and some of the elderly from voting. Now one of their own, Leslie Rutledge, has been kicked off the voter registration. One of the things that I find amusing is that conservatives continue to say that this is a right-leaning country. If so, wouldn’t conservatives push to have more people vote instead of fewer? (more…)

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NFL: Saturday Wild-Card Weekend

New Orleans Saints versus Seattle Seahawks

A lot of people have written off the Seattle Seahawks. Matt Hasselbeck is in his 12th year and has been hampered by injuries all year long. At his best, Hasselbeck has proved to be as good as any quarterback in the league. As worse, he can be very average. This year he’s ranked as the 28th quarterback in the league with a quarterback rating of 73.2. Mark Sanchez, Chad Henne, Alex Smith, and the much-maligned Donovan McNabb all have better quarterback ratings. Seattle is 23rd in points scored and rush for an average of 89 yards per game (31st of the league). On the defensive side of the ball, Seattle is ranked 27th against the pass. Seattle is ranked 25th in interception takeaways with 12. They’ve recovered 10 fumbles. There really isn’t anything outstanding about the Seattle Seahawks.

On the other hand, the Super Bowl defending New Orleans Saints aren’t anywhere near as dominant as they were a year ago. They’ve been struggling on offense all year long. Their defensive players simply aren’t creating the turnovers that they created last year. With Darren Sharper healthier, the whole defense seemed to be playing better over the last several weeks. If the New Orleans Saints are able take care of the ball (no Drew Brees interceptions or fumbles), the New Orleans Saints should be able to cruise to victory.

New York Jets versus Indianapolis Colts

This should be an excellent game. Unfortunately for the New York Jets it is not being played outdoors in the snow. Instead, it’s being played in the comfort of Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts are clearly beatable. Austin Collie and Dallas Clark are out for the season. On the other hand, the Jets are clearly beatable also. The Jets have not been pounding the football (still 4th in the league) as effectively as they did last year. On defense, you simply couldn’t run against the Jets last year. They are good this year but not great.

Mark Sanchez simply hasn’t matured as well or as fast as most of us expected. At times he has been very good. At times he’s been extremely average. I think the Indianapolis Colts will try and take the run away from the Jets. I think the Colts will squeeze their zones close to the line of scrimmage and that they will try to make Mark Sanchez throw the ball longer than 15 yards. If the Colts are successful in stopping the run, I just don’t think that Mark Sanchez is quite ready to carry a team on his back, yet.

Peyton Manning and the rest of his Indianapolis Colts will have a couple of opportunities throughout the game to make big plays. The question is whether the new people can step up. The answer is we don’t know. Hopefully Peyton Manning and the Colts can figure out a way to get Reggie Wayne free. If so, the Colts will win. If the Colts are able to run Joseph Addai effectively, the Colts will win.

I do think that the Jets could win this game, but it is unlikely. If the Jets can score early and then run the ball effectively to milk the clock, they have an outstanding opportunity to win this game. They cannot turn the ball over.

On the NFC side of the playoffs, I think there are two or three teams, if they get hot, who can go all the way to the Super Bowl. On the AFC side of the playoffs, who can beat the New England Patriots? They are clearly the team to beat. Right now, I don’t see any team (New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens or the Pittsburgh Steelers) capable of going to Foxboro and beating Tom Brady.

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