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Ben Carson – How to crash and burn in the National Spotlight

ben carson

Just because you are a great neurosurgeon, it doesn’t mean that you are a great politician. Today Ben Carson was on MarketPlace. He was interviewed by Kai Ryssdal. This isn’t anything tricky. Ryssdal pitched softballs. Ben Carson spat out conservative nonsense which sort of makes sense until you put the questions and answers all together.

Ryssdal: There has to be something inside you, though, sir, that makes you believe that you can do this job better than the other — I don’t even know, now — what, 14, 15 people who are up there in various stages on the debate stage.

Carson: Well, yeah. I’ve had a lot of experiences in life where people said things couldn’t be done, to the point now where I almost don’t even want to try it unless people tell me it can’t be done.

Ryssdal: You have said more than once you want to run the government as a business. You want the president to be the CEO of that business. And I wonder, other than running a medical office, or sitting on corporate boards of Kellog’s and Costco, how do you know the government ought to be run like a business? How do you know the president ought to be the CEO?

Carson: Well I know what efficiency looks like, and I know what inefficiency looks like. I’ve had an opportunity to work in universities, sit on university boards, as opposed to working with corporate boards, and noticing the rapidity and the efficiency with which things are done in one area versus the other area. And, sometimes the same kinds of problems. So also, starting a national nonprofit. As you know, nine out of 10 of those fail, and the Carson’s scholar fund is active in all 50 states, has won two major national awards, which are only given to one organization out of tens of thousands each year. Obviously those are not things that can be done without understanding how things work.


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CEO works one day and makes $44 million

CEO Fat Cat

Bill Johnson, the CEO of Progress Energy ,was going to be the Co-CEO of the combined Duke-Progress Energy company, but things didn’t work out and poor Bill will have to pocket $44 million for being CEO for one day. That’s pretty good work if you can get it.  I put in a full month as a trauma surgeon and I don’t get $44 million. If I put in a full year, I’m still not getting $44 million for my troubles. As a matter of fact, I can get over 100 trauma surgeons to work for a year and still have money left over. I can get over 800 registered nurses to work for over a year with $44 million, but then again, who is counting?

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Down With the Ship but Save the Corporation

The insanity of a cruise ship slamming into well-charted rocks is hard to fathom in 2011/2012. The absurdity of this cruise ship crashing into rocks is only heightened by the behavior of the captain which has only come to light over the last 48 hours. Not only did he not stay on the ship and help passengers, but it appears that he waited until it was too late to deploy the life rafts. It also seems that he abandon ship long before all of the passengers were off.

To continue the tale of ineptitude, today the CEO of the corporation is clearly throwing the captain under the proverbial bus. The CEO, Pierluigi Foschi, has told the media that the company was misinformed about the exact nature of the crash. This poor captain, Francesco Schettino, is in a world of trouble.


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