Central Questions—Can A Majority Be Oppressed?

This is part of an occasional series I am running called “Central Questions.”

A question I recently heard asked was, “How can a majority reasonably claimed to be oppressed?”

The question had to do with complaints by some American Christians that they are allegedly being persecuted.

While I do not think that American Christians are abused, there are in fact many ways a majority can be oppressed.

Here are some—

1. A majority in can be oppressed if they live in a colony of another nation.

2. A large segment of a national majority group, such as Hindus designated as lower caste in India, may be oppressed by more privileged groups.

3. The majority of people who are not wealthy may be oppressed by the minority that is wealthy.

4. In cases where women comprise a majority of the population, they may not have the same rights as do men.

5. In Apartheid South Africa, the majority was clearly oppressed.

6. A certain ethnic, religious or racial group may comprise the majority of people in specific city, state, province or region but be oppressed by a national majority.

7. A group of people, such as Christians in China, may be part of the world’s largest religious grouping, even if Christians do not comprise a majority of all the world’s people, and be oppressed within the borders of a specific nation.